Accelerating Change

Pivot – one of the buzzwords coming out of the pandemic…

It’s been great to see that big businesses CAN actually make transformational changes really quickly when their very survival depends on it.

In ‘quieter’ times, many companies sit in a bit of a comfort bubble and don’t realise that their long-term survival is just as much at risk because they aren’t innovating, they aren’t preparing for the future, and they don’t recognise new competitors and changing consumer needs.

The field of play is littered with companies who didn’t make it because they relied on repeating the same thing and not evolving their products, services or operations. If you’re not constantly looking at where to take your business next, you risk losing it all.

So take heart that if you focus on a few key strategic initiatives, cut the red tape and align your business behind a common goal, amazing changes can be made quickly and effectively.

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