Here’s how we can help you – Our services

our services and framework

“We’ve covered projects in Retail, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Government, Finance, Insurance, Logistics, Education, Rail, Airlines, Healthcare and Media amongst others.

The services we offer reflect this, we’re confident that our approaches and tools are fully transferable having been developed through many years of diverse experience”

Scott Robertson – Owner & Director

Our services include:

  • Strategy Design & Delivery
  • Operational Optimisation
  • Property Rationalisation
  • Modern World Problems (Covid & Brexit)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Digital Transformation (RPA/AI)
  • TOM / Business Models
  • End-to-End Delivery
  • Organisational Change
  • ERP Transformation

Our services in more detail:

Strategy Design

It’s often hard to re-imagine your company when you’ve only got those who are so involved in the current ways of working. They may struggle to step back and really think about how to do things differently. We can bring a proven, structured approach to designing your new strategy in collaboration with you and your teams. Once that strategy is agreed, we can help you communicate it in an effective way so that the whole business is aligned to the future vision.

Strategy Delivery

As we know, designing the strategy is only half the battle. The game is won on the field of play, and having specialist expertise in helping you to deliver your strategic initiatives is key to hitting your outcomes. By keeping focus on the KPIs that really matter, we can also help you to adjust the sails as the strategy evolves to reflect current conditions, by making sure that Design and Delivery act in unison and the overall programme remains reactive and nimble.

Lean Portfolio Management

Agile methods are amazing at delivering value quickly to the organisation, working in value streams with close knit cross-functional teams. Extrapolating this to the enterprise level needs careful coordination so that strategic themes are realised and fully connected to the portfolio. Following the SAFe Lean Portfolio Management methodology, we can help to ensure that your agility is channelled in the right way, and completely aligned across the organisation.

Programme and Project Management

Getting stuff done is core to transformation. With a wealth of experience in pragmatic programme and project management, we can ensure that your initiatives deliver the right outputs to meet the outcomes and benefits that you envisaged. By focussing on the core success criteria, we ensure that projects remain agile and focussed on the most important areas. This means that we deliver on time, on budget and with the right people, process and technology changes to meet your goals.

Digital Transformation

At the heart of what we do is digital transformation. We help take companies from traditional operating models and ways of working onto the latest tools and methods to drive both productivity and cost optimisation. With a history of implementing data enhanced decision making, as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions, we can help you map out your journey, delivering quick wins to help self-fund the digital transformation journey.

Operational Optimisation

We’re often asked to help resolve specific issues, be that one of cost and/or efficiency, or one that will enable growth. We use some tried and tested methods from our playbook to help clarify the objectives, understand the issues, review the options and associated risks, and then embed those changes. Unlike many consultancy approaches, we do this with your teams and not to your teams so that they own both the problem and (more importantly) the solution.