The Sqwyz Transformation Community

Expert support, advice and delivery.

In 2020, Sqwyz established the Transformation Community. A community of over 400 experienced and likeminded transformation professionals, working together to support each other and provide simple, honest and effective consulting services to businesses looking to change and transform.

Our community started out as a mentoring platform, matching around 60 junior and senior professionals to provide support, guidance and networking opportunities to each other during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This has quickly developed into a strong and tight-knit community who recognise the skills and experiences that we have, and the value that we can bring to organisations in helping to shape and deliver change initiatives in a volatile world. As well as continuing to provide mentoring services, we also support each other with ad-hoc advice, share best practice in various areas of change, set up and run virtual round table events on hot topics and help companies work through specific problems that they need assistance with.

We have a range of people and roles in the community from Transformation Directors and CIOs, through to Programme and Project Managers, PMO leads, Change Managers and Business Analysts. All of them with fantastic experiences across a wide range of industries.

If you’re interested in joining the Transformation Community, or finding about how we can add value to your business through individual members or ready-to-go transformation teams, please get in contact with us or request to join.